Kindergarten registration

Families living in the area of Kep and Kampot can apply their kids to stay at the Don Bosco Kep Kindergarten. We encourage very poor families or communities where children can be at risk of exploitation, to apply through the Don Bosco Kep Children Fund – please contact Mr. Bun Ponlork H.P.

Don Bosco Kep Kindergarten School is especially designed for providing education to children aged from three to five years. After training, children will receive:

• Development of physical and health

• Development of ethics and culture

• Development of social and emotional

• Development of intellectual and CONSIDERATIONS

• Language Development

If you or someone you know has a student entering kindergarten, don’t miss your chance to register!

Registration requires quite a bit of documentation, so best make sure you’ve got it all ready to go. Here’s what you’ll need to bring:

  • Child’s certified original birth certificate
  • Photo ID for parent or legal guardian
  • Family recording book
  • Filling up the application form

If you still have questions, please call Elementary Education at 010 386519 or come to our department at Don Bosco Technical School Kep Prey Thom Commune, Phum Thmey, National Road 33A, Don Bosco Boulevard.




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