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Miss Pisey is a 10 year old girl, orphan of father. She is a grade 3 student of Phi Meah Primary School, Preak Phene District (Takeo Province). She has a 5 years old brother.

Her father died on August 2013 from a long decease, including a mental ilness that rendered him incapable of doing any work. Pisey’s father’s parents spent almost the entire family fortune, in vain, to seek medical aid for him. As many Cambodians still believe in the healing ability of monks, Chivie’s father’s parents sent him to see a monk after which his conditions allegedly improved. That is where Pisey’s father met Pisey’s mother, a villager, and then got married.

They had 3 children, only to have Pisey’s father’s condition worsen and he died by unknown circumstances. Pisey’s mother, now the sole breadwinner, toiled hard as a silk weaver to support the family. Pisey’s grandmother who was staying with them passed away recently. In order to be able to bury the two deceased of the family, Pisey’s mother sold all the land they had.

Pisey’s sick aunt also turned up unexpectedly one day, further taxing on Pisey’s family to find money for medical treatment. Her aunt then passed away as well, and Chivie’s family is now completely out of money and resources after having to bury 3 deceased in a span of 2 years.

As of today, Pisey lives with her young brother and mother in a hastly put together hut and own absolutely nothing. They do not even own rice fields to plant rice for self-subsistence. Pisey often goes to bed on an empty stomach and rarely has enough to wear.

To further worsen the plight of this family, Pisey’s mother was recently diagnosed with having cervical cancer, but will not seek medical attention as that is beyond what this family can afford.

Should Pisey’s mother pass away soon, as cancer left untreated is fatal, Pisey will be left an orphan and schooling would be an impossible option. The biggest fear is that Pisey and her siblings will be forced onto the streets, putting themselves as innocent prey to many human trafficking syndicates in Cambodia.

This is why we seek your most gracious assistance to help out Pisey and her family whose living conditions will only deteriorate with the passing of time. Pisey’s story is heart-breaking and urgent help is truly needed.

Your support to Pisey can make all the difference. Your support to can help keep Chivie in school and to provide her with at least the necessary education for a better future. Your support will be more than monetary, you can show this little girl that someone somewhere out there cares about her.

Your support will encourage her to hang on and to never stop hoping for a better tomorrow. Most importantly, we need your
support to help Pisey not to fall prey to the many predators out there who pick on vulnerable children like her.
We thank you for your kindness and generosity from the most bottom of our hearts.


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