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 2Pha (given name) is a 10 years old boy. He is study in grade 1 at Trorpang Sala Khang Lech Primary School (Kampot Province). He is the first child among 2 siblings.

Since his parents divorced one year ago, his father married a second wife and he left home to work as a construction worker in Phnom Penh. Nowadays Pha lives with his aunt who is a farmer with no stable income.

Pha is a sickly boy. He suffers from a disease of follicular tumors and he needs to exchange transfusion for every two months that cost 200 $ per each time.
With his family’s poor financial situation, it is almost impossible to provide Pha with the Medical Aid.

Of course, it is only imaginable with all those hardships facing this family; it is a huge struggle for them to continue sending Pha to school. Yet like any parents, they desire for their children to receive education, to receive academically as probably the only means to have a bright future in Cambodia where more than half the population lives bellow the poverty line.


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