Newsletter April 2017

Dear Benefactors, Volunteers, Teachers, Salesians, Students & Friends…

At the end of this month of April we have to special wishes for all of you:

The first: To wish you a Happy Eastern, since we are celebrating the Resurrection of Lord Jesus that is the inspiration of our Mission in favor of our Cambodian children.

The second: Happy Cambodian New Year that enters in the Buddhist Date 2561 and the Chinese Year of the Red Rooster. Most of our children are Buddhist, so we celebrate with them the happiness of their own culture and traditions with love and families.

After the Khmer New Year, the children started the second semester of the school that will go until the end of August.

You will ask what our children were about during the first semester.

Here some activities… but the most important is to report you that they made a good academic result and they passed the exams at the end of the first semester:

October 2016

A lesson of world geography to the Sun Children at the Don Bosco Audiovisual TV Studio.

Home visit with the Sun Kids to the house of Samnang in Koh Slah District, Kampot. The last raining of 2016 let its mark in front to his house.

November 2016

The children get their uniforms for the new academic year 2016-2017.

The Don Bosco Christmas celebrations dedicated to the children.

Visit to the Bokor National Park in Kampot.

January 2017

The Sun Girls preparing their dancing.

The social communication students making films with the children.

February 2017

The visit of Hans and Ana Cristina Rausch with their son Max and daughter Nicole to know the Sun Children and let their contribution.

The 100 children of Don Bosco Kep Children Fund in the campus for the Don Bosco Feast.

The boys of the Don Bosco Kep Children Fund get a friendly football match.

March 2017

Visit to the Kep Pagoda.

Sewing lessons.

April 2017

The Sun Kids visiting the ethnic minority villages in Ratanakiri during their final semester excursion.

Visiting a water fall in Ratanakiri and cleaning the area to show our love for the environment.

The Jarai Sun Children going back to Don Bosco Kep, before stopping at the Mondolkiri Monument.

A Big Thanks

Kindermissionwerk sponsoring the Sun Kids Residency, thanks to Mr. Ralf Kresal from Germany.

Mr. Gerard van Hal & Hatrans of Netherlands for their support to the Don Bosco Kep Children Fund & the Sun Kids:

  • Sponsoring the Excursion to Ratanakiri.
  • Sponsoring 10 children.
  • Donation of the Don Bosco Hatrans Sport Facilities, Kindergarten Classroom and Multipurpose Room at the seaside.

  • Sponsoring 31 children with benefactors from Netherlands.
  • Donation of the Art Communication Center (Music) with Wild Gees.
  • Installation of the Don Bosco Kep Audiovisual Studios where the children can practice also music, drama and English.

Mr. Wolfgang and Ms. Uti Bauernfeind (SES Experts from Germany):

  • Sponsored the Ratanakiri Excursion of the Sun Kids.
  • Sponsoring some Technical Students.
  • Promoting the sponsorship programs in German.

Mr. Hans and Ms. Ana Cristina Rausch, their daughter Nicole & son Max from Colombia:

  • Visit to the Don Bosco Kep Children Fund.
  • Contribution with scholarships.
  • During the birthday of Hans, he donated his birthday gifts to the Children Fund.

Zodiac Aerospace Thailand

  • Donation of an airline trolley imprinted with pictures of the Don Bosco Kep Children Fund activities.

Ms. Lilia Torres von Rodas from Colombia sending gifts to the Sun Kids.

Miss Silvia Córdoba, Colombian photographer, donated photo-studios for the children and the promotion of the scholarship programs.

Venerable Samdech Keo Sambath, Director Andong Krophe Pagoda, Phnom Penh:

  • Contribution to the Ratanakiri Excursion & welcoming at the Pagoda for the Sun Children (meals and stay).

USAID & Salesian Mission of New Rochelle: Creation of the Don Bosco Kep Campus friendly to children and youth that are physically challenged. Thanks to Fr. Mark Hyde and Mr Jaime Correa-Montalvo.

To all and each of the BENEFACTORS sponsoring children and youth in Don Bosco Kep

  • Through SSCR of Netherlands.
  • Through the Italian Group.
  • Through the French Group.
  • Mr Cesar and Mery Salazar from Colombia.
  • Through Hatrans Group from Netherlands and Thailand.
  • Vanessa Javiel from Uruguay.
  • Marco Bernabe from Italy.
  • Giorgio Bernabe from New Zealand.
  • Yulth and Ms Pilar Oyola from Colombia.
  • David Agudelo from Colombia.
  • Lilia Torres von Rodas from Colombia.
  • Mr Hans, Ms Ana Cristina Rausch & children Max and Nicole from Colombia.
  • Many others who have let their contribution and help to promote the program for the best of the children.

The Don Bosco Kep Children Fund is based in Kep Province, Kingdom of Cambodia, Southeast Asia. It has a social impact in the provinces of Kep, Kampot, Takeo and Ratanakiri.

It includes the following programs:

  • The sponsorship program: Children stay with their families and attend school. The social workers follow the child to prevent school abandonment.
  • The Sun Children Residence Program: For children aged 10 to 16 who are at risk of school abandonment, human trafficking, child labor or any other type of abuse. They reside in Don Bosco Kep while attending the public school of Kep.
  • The Don Bosco Kep Kindergarten as a service to local Kep families and children of workers.

The target population of the Don Bosco Kep Children Fund:

  • Farmer children.
  • Children that are physically challenged.
  • Children from Cambodian ethnic minorities.
  • Girls at risk of exploitation or abuse.

Join us… 

Name of the bank:

Acleda Bank Plc. / Kompot-Kep Branch.

Account Number: 0700-01-041854-1-8

Address of the Bank: Ekreach St. , Ouspea 1 Village, Sangkat Kandal

Postcode/Area Code: 1149

Swift code:  ACLBKHPP

Name of Account holder: Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia

Address of Account holder: Thmey Village, Sangkat Prey Thom, NR 33A , Kep City, Cambodia.

P.O.Box: 9801 . Kep City ,Cambodia.

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