Excursion to Bokor National Park

KEP CITY — During the holidays for the Birthday of His Majesty the King of Cambodia, the Sun Children had an excursion to the Bokor National Park in Kampot Province. They were 27 children, Fr Samnang, 2 teachers and 2 volunteers of the Don Bosco Kep Children Fund. There was a guest: Fr. Juan Solorzano, Yarumal Missionary in Mondolkiri, 20 years in Cambodia.

The group visited the traditional sites at the top of the Bokor Mountain, 1,000 meters up the sea level, like the old casino, the old Catholic church, the Chinese temple, the Pagoda, the new casino and the statue of Yay Mao. 


“I like old Catholic Church the most”, said Langhouy, 13 years old girl from Kampong Spoe,
“And me, I like the old casino”, said Sanith, 10 years old boy from Kompot,
«I enjoyed very much visiting the Pagoda », said Yin, 16 years old boy from Ratanakiri,
«I like the old casino too» said Thenh, 15 years old boy from Ratanakiri,
« Oh! I enjoyed very much the Yeao Mao statue» said Sokleng, 15 years old girl from Kompot. «I was very happy, because there was Khmer music and many people going there»,
« I also enjoyed Yeao Mao very much as well as visiting the old constructions», said Kimleng, 12 years old girl from Kampong Spoe. «I think because it is a very old place, before the Pol Pot regime»

With this kind of activities, the children are near to the history of their country, appreciate nature and create bonds of good relations among them, learning the Salesian values of Don Bosco.

At the top of the Mountain, 1,000 meters up the sea level.

The old casino under construction…


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