Fund a bicycle

for_for_biIn Cambodia, a lack of transport remains a significant problem for poor families and it’s a leading cause of unemployment, lack of education, and inability to receive proper medical care. With regular visits to disadvantaged communities and rural villages, we meet families who are in desperate need of transport, and thanks to our bicycle program we are able to change lives.

For just $50 we are able to provide a refurbished bicycle to a family in need. These bicycle change the lives of family by enabling parents to go to work and providing children transport to school.

You can sponsor a bicycle by making a donation. Many visitors to Cambodia buy cheap bicycles to stay for short periods in the country. When they will leave, they left the bicycle to anybody. How if you send the bicycle to Don Bosco for the use of a child? Send us an email on how we can pick your bicycle, motorbike or any other thing that could make a difference. Email to