Sponser a child


Education is possibly the only change for vulnerable children to have a bright future, a means to break out the cycle of poverty that entraps so many Cambodian families. Hence we appeal to your gracious kindness to help them to continue their schooling. Your support will be so much more than financial aid. Your support will show them that someone, some here out there care about them. You can help them to build a future, you can allow him to dream of a life beyond the one they know of.

For about $1 a day, you’ll provide children in need with access to life-saving basics like

  • Children need loving caregivers, health care,
  • nutrition, clean water and sanitation,
  • education, opportunity and safety.
  • Child Fund works to help communities fill those gaps for children, and your monthly contributions make that work possible.
  • When we combine your donations with support from other sponsors of children in the same community, all the children there benefit, because their whole environment is being transformed.