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The Don Bosco Kep Children Fund is a branch of the Don Bosco Children Fund of Cambodia. This has been opened in Kep in the year 2000 by Fr. Leonardo Ochoa, SDB. But it was in 2011, when the Salesians set up the Don Bosco Technical School in Kep Province, when it started a second chapter of its history under the leadership of Fr. Albeiro Rodas, SDB, and Rector of Don Bosco Kep. It supports now 100 children from Takeo, Kampot and Kep and keeps a strict following of each case to guarantee that children are really getting the best of their education and are out of danger of realities such as human trafficking, child labor, child beggars, domestic violence, and diseases.


The Scholarship for children included in the Program of Don Bosco Kep Children Fund is of 25 US dollars per month and it includes:

No Basic Scholarship USD
1 Food 10
2 Uniform 5
3 Utilities 5
4 Documents 2
5 Internet 2
6 Health 1
Total for non-resident children 25
Residence (only for children living on campus) 10
Total for resident children 35

Don Bosco Kep Children Fund welcomes individual donations. We believe that generosity has a ripple effect when it crosses borders. Small donations can have transformation effects in Cambodia.

We appreciate your cooperation if you want to sponsor a Cambodian kid through Don Bosco Kep Children Fund. You will receive in a regular time the following:

  • Reports of the school development of the kid.
  • Letters from the kid.
  • Christmas letter.
  • Photos of the kid in different school activities.
  • You can visit the kid at any time when you come to Cambodia.
  • It is possible that you can send academic gift to the kid such as a laptop computer or something you consider will support his/her studies.

Application Form

In case you would like to sponsor a child please fill in the following form and send it by email to

Full name sponsor
Phone Number
Name of the child to be sponsored
Services to cover in the Scholarship (Minimum is 25 USD and for Internal Students 35 USD)
No Basic Services USD USD
1 Food 10 10
2 Uniform 5 5
3 Utilities 5 5
4 Documents 2 2
5 Internet 2 2
6 Health 1 1
7 Residence for internal kids only —- 10
Total per month 25 35
Please indicate your choice of support: X    
Do you want to offer other attentions to the student? (optional)  
How you would prefer the transfer of funds?
Western Union  
Periodicity of the transfers

Please sign: ________________________________

How to transfer Funds

Name of the Bank: Acleda Bank Plc. – Kompot-Kep Branch.

Number of Account: 0700-01-041854-1-8

Address of the Bank: Ekreach St. , Ouspea 1 Village, Sangkat Kandal

Postal Code: 1149

Swift code. ACLBKHPP

Name of the owner of the account: Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia

Address of the owner of the account: Thmey Village, Sangkat Prey Thom, NR 33A , Kep City, Cambodia.

P.O.Box: 9801 . Kep City ,Cambodia.

Cambodian Banks do not have IBAN.

Western Union:

Reinaldo Albeiro Rodas Torres

Don Bosco Technical School

Prey Thom District, Thmey Village

Kep City, Kep Province

Cambodia, Asia

ID: 98.531.383 – Colombia

Postal & visiting Address:

Fr. Albeiro Rodas, SDB

Don Bosco Technical School

P.O. Box 9801 – Kep City                                    Thmey Village, Sangkat Prey Thom,

CAMBODIA, ASIA.                                             NR 33A , Kep City, Cambodia.  

$25 provides seeds and tools for an organic home garden.
$35 buys a bicycle for a child to attend school.
$40 provides a sanitary latrine for a household.
$150 provides start-up capital to launch a micro-business.
$250 buys a cow or a sow for breeding.
$2,300 provides a secure home for an entire family.

*To make a donation please fill up the form on the left hand side.