Online Donation

Sorry, at the moment we don’t have yet the way to receive direct donations on-line, but we are working on it. For the moment, thanks for taking your own time and make a bank transfer or by other means.

Name of the bank: Acleda Bank Plc. Kompot-Kep Branch.

Account Number: 0700-01-041854-1-8

Address of the Bank: Ekreach St. , Ouspea 1 Village, Sangkat Kandal

Postcode/Area Code: 1149

Swift code. ACLBKHPP

Name of Account holder: Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia

Address of Account holder: Thmey Village, Sangkat Prey Thom, NR 33A , Kep City, Cambodia.

P.O.Box: 9801 . Kep City ,Cambodia.


You can send transfers using services such as WESTERN UNION. Near Don Bosco Kep there is an office of Western Union managed by ACLEDA BANK Kep Province. You can send the transfer to the name of the DBKCF director: Reinaldo Albeiro Rodas Torres, Don Bosco Kep. Please notify of your sending to or If you need a statement of reception or a declaration for taxation, please request it.

We appreciate any support you could give to our projects in Cambodia through Don Bosco for the benefit of children and young people from poor communities.