How to we help the children ?

Target group are those children from poor families, orphans and children who come from vulnerable circumstance such as drug, child labors, child beggars, of human tracking and other form of abuse. We select them after a through screening and home visit. They can approach us through different channels such Don Bosco Children Fund (DBCF) teachers or volunteer, visit the nearby DBCF branch or DBCF staff based on case to basis generally the following process take place :

1. DBCF volunteers or staff will collect the necessary information, background, by doing interview and also take pictures and gather related documents. 

2.Visit the child’s house whenever necessary by DBCF staff. 

3. Approval by the DBCF branch in charge based on the particular location where the child made the first contact. After the children are able to received the scholarships.

4. For potential funding the child’s profile can be presented a particular donor.

How do we support the children?

After approval of the DBCF local council then we create a Wing Bank account for that particular child. Children will get financial support depending on their level of education every 3 months through Wing Bank.

How do we follow up the children ?

To follow up, the DBCF social worker s work together with the local teacher =s and volunteers. They keep a track of thing s such us – if the children go to school, their studying habits, which grade they are in and if there are any
difficulties that they are facing.

Once a month, DBCF volunteers will organize a gathering among those children in their community or school in order to follow up and understand their situation.

Children recieve money (1)