Don Bosco Children Fund Project of Cambodia

A project of Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia, a Catholic organization.  It is a non-religious oriented project run by Catholic religious men and women (sisters, brothers, priests, and seminarians) and Lay Missionary Partners (Cambodian teachers and staff, foreign volunteers and benefactors).

It has centers in the provinces of Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, Kep, Battambang and Poipet reaching out every year to 1,553 children and youth from 13 provinces in Cambodia.

Target children and youth are from vulnerable circumstances to prevent child labor, human trafficking, abuse of all kinds and creating an environment that is conducive to their welfare.

Vision Mission Statement

Envisions a better life, citizenry and future for selected vulnerable children and youth in Cambodia through sponsorship in education and formation.

Goals and Objectives:

Goal 1: Secure basic education and formation to selected vulnerable children and youth in Cambodia.


  1. Select diligently vulnerable children and youth in selected provinces to be beneficiaries of DBCF project.
    • Provide scholarship in basic education up to grade 12 to vulnerable children and youth, especially those who find difficulty in joining the national stream of development.
      1. Sponsor and follow up the education of vulnerable children and youth studying in public schools through the collaboration with local teacher volunteers and village chiefs.   
      1. Run basic education centers from kindergarten till high school for the poor children and youth in various places especially where a large number of children are facing school dropouts and victims of child labor and human trafficking  such as in Battambang and Poipet. 

Goal 2: Provide basic provisions for the health and education of the selected children and youth.


2.1. Send every quarter the monetary support of sponsors for the health and education of DBCF beneficiaries.

2.2. Ensure the success of children’s education by providing other support to poorer children and youth, who facing more challenges such as oratory, accommodation, nutrition program, awareness and consultation support. 

Goal 3: Form the selected children and youth to be better persons for themselves, their family and society.


3.1. Follow up the education, performance, attitudes, family situation and other issues of the DBCF beneficiaries through constant communication and collaboration of the DBCF social workers and the local teachers and volunteers.

3.2. Organize a monthly gathering of the beneficiaries in their community or school for formation and follow up of their situations.

3.3. Visit and involve the families of the DBCF beneficiaries in the proper formation of their children.

Goal 4: Make the DBCF project sustainable


4.1. Promote the 25$month sponsorship program of a Cambodian child or youth in need both to foreign and local future sponsors.

4.2. Follow up sponsors and keep them updated about the DBCF program.